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Silver Coin Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz

Tavex is pleased to present the Canadian Maple Leaf silver coin, the world’s first legal tender silver bullion coin to be made exclusively of .9999 fine silver. Introduced to the market in 1988 by the Royal Canadian Mint, the Canadian Maple Leaf silver coin is an almost identical, yet more affordable, replica of its gold counterpart, the Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin. Hailed for its exceptional purity, the silver Maple Leaf coin is the only investment-grade silver bullion coin to contain a purity of four nines. The bullion coin’s high silver content and low mark-up premium has to this date enticed investors to buy some 126 million one-ounce silver pieces, affirming its position as the second most sold legal tender silver coin in the 21st century.

From 2014 onwards, these elegant silver coins contain a micro-engraved mark, a new security feature to further enhance its acceptance and exchangeability. Any investor who is keen on adding physical silver to his portfolio should seriously considered this beautiful Canadian coin.

This silver item is in brilliant
mint condition

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  1. The value of Canadian Maple Leaf silver coins track the price of silver. The value of Canadian Silver Maple Leafs is primarily determined by their fine silver content which is linked to the prevailing price of silver.
  2. The price of Canadian Maple Leaf silver coins will rise with inflation. Silver has proven itself throughout history to be a great asset in times of high inflation, appreciating faster and higher than most other investments!
  3. Canadian Maple Leaf silver coins are sold with low premiums. Thanks to the Royal Canadian Mint’s efficiency, the cost of production has been minimized, meaning that you as an investor will save money by paying a lower premium when buying Canadian Maple Leaf silver coins.
  4. Canadian Maple Leaf silver coins are money. Canadian Maple Leaf silver bullion coins are legal tender in Canada and are accepted and exchanged as such over large parts of the world.
  5. Canadian Maple Leaf silver coins are liquid and internationally recognized. In continuous production for 26 years and by portraying the effigy of the most powerful and longest serving queen in the 20th century, Queen Elizabeth II, the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coin is a household name in the global silver market.
  6. Canadian Maple Leaf silver coins are .9999 pure silver. Canadian Maple silver coins are a great way to get this precious white metal in your hands.
  7. Canadian Maple Leaf silver coins are the equivalent of savings. The historical low price of silver compared to gold makes it an ideal investment either for investors who wish to invest smaller amounts or for those who believe they are getting more precious metal for their “buck”, in anticipation of a steeper appreciation of the price of silver compared with gold.
  8. Canadian Maple Leaf silver coins have added security. Canadian Maple Leaf silver coins are the first in the world to contain unique anti-counterfeiting security features that guarantee the coins’ authenticity.

The price of Canadian Silver Maple Leafs is determined by their .9999 fine silver content

By witnessing the success of its flagship coin, the Gold Maple Leaf, the Canadian Mint introduced in 1988 the Silver Maple Leaf coin. Although not the first legal tender coin to contain one ounce of silver, a title held by the American Silver Eagle and Chinese Silver Panda coin, it was the first to contain a silver purity of .9999. In recent years, other renowned government mints have issued their own legal tender one-ounce silver coins, for instance the Austrian Mint with the Silver Philharmonic, or the Perth Mint with the Silver Kookaburra, but in contrast to the Maple Leaf’s purity of four nines they all contain one nine fewer. To this date, the Canadian Maple Silver Leaf coin is the world’s only legal tender coin to have such peerless purity.

The Canadian Maple Leaf silver coin is minted by the Royal Canadian Mint

Established in 1908, the Royal Canadian Mint has during the past couple of decades been one of the market leaders in applying new technologies in the production of silver and gold bullion coins. Not only did it create the first legal tender silver and gold bullion coins that contained a purity of four nines, it also made the first .99999 (five nines) fine gold bullion coin in 2007, named the Howling Wolf. But the mint’s quest in perfecting high purity silver and gold coins did not stop at the one ounce weight mark. In fact, it reached new heights in 2007 by unveiling a Gold Maple Leaf coin that weighed 100 kilograms, had a gold purity of .99999, and came with a face value of one million Canadian dollars!

The value of Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins is protected by the Royal Canadian Mint’s technology

In 2014 the Royal Canadian Mint set a new standard in coin security with the introduction of its latest innovation called “Bullion DNA Anti-Counterfeiting Technology” which includes a process where a unique microscopic security mark is minted onto every coin. The centre of the security mark contains the number “14” (for the year 2014) and is only visible under strong magnification. This new technology adds another layer of protection against counterfeiting and all Canadian Maple Leaf silver and gold coins minted from 2014 onwards will contain this new security feature. But the innovation does not stop there, as all silver Maple Leaf coins minted from 2014 onwards will also have another cutting-edge security feature whereby their surface will be engraved with micron-sized radial lines. The lines will create a unique light diffracting pattern that will ensure the authenticity and characteristic look of the coins.

Nominal value Dimensions Fineness Product weight in grams Silver weight in grams Silver weight in Troy ounces
5 CAD dollars 38.00 mm 999 31.13461 g 31.10347g 1

The Canadian Maple Leaf silver coin was introduced in 1988 and has since then been in continuous production. The Royal Canadian Mint is responsible for the production of the coins.


The obverse portrays the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. The reason for picturing Her Majesty the Queen stems from Canada’s membership of the United Kingdom’s Commonwealth of Nations. By being a member of the Commonwealth, Canada has Queen Elizabeth II as its reigning constitutional monarch. Above the Queen’s effigy is her name “ELIZABETH II” and inscribed at the bottom of the coin is its nominal face value of 5 dollars and the year of mintage.


The reverse shows Canada’s national symbol, the Maple Leaf, and above it is the text “CANADA”. On each side of the Maple Leaf four nines are visible, and engraved underneath is the tiny security mark and likewise the text “FINE SILVER 1 OZ ARGENT PUR”, where the later part of the sentence means “1 ounce of pure silver”.

The Canadian Maple Leaf silver coin contains 1 ounce of .9999 fine silver. This means that the coin is exclusively made of pure silver and is free of metallic impurities. The Canadian Maple Leaf silver coin weighs exactly one troy ounce (31.11 grams).




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