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Kanadisk Growling Cougar 999.99 1 oz

Tavex is pleased to present the 2015 Canadian Gold Growling Cougar coin, a worldwide hallmark of exceptional artisanship and purity. Issued by the Royal Canadian Mint, this coin is crafted in 99.999% pure gold, the highest standard in the world today. Embellished with the striking image of coguar backed by lines representing the coguar’s growl. The Gold Growling Cougar bullion coin is struck in a proof-like condition with exceptionally brilliant surfaces and enhanced engraved areas that reinforce the realistic likeness of the wolf’s imposing coat. With a mintage of only 2,000 pieces, this unique limited edition bullion coin is a remarkable allegorical interpretation of Canada’s untamed yet beautiful wilderness and will thus be a cherished piece in anyone’s portfolio or coin collection.

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  • The Gold Growling Cougar coin is made in proof condition. Struck with such high quality and brilliance, this coin is the ultimate tribute to one of nature’s magnificent animals.
  • The Gold Growling Cougar coin is popular with astute collectors. With a low mintage of only 2,000 pieces and currently the only individually packaged coin (not part of a set) with these specifications, this 99.999% pure gold coin will be a stunning addition to any coin collection.
  • The Gold Growling Cougar coin is the purest form of gold available on earth. Crafted from the highest standard of gold worldwide, there are few people who will have the privilege of laying their hands on something as peerless as this 99.999% pure gold bullion coin.
  • The 2015 Canadian Gold Growling Cougar coin comes with extra layers of security. It contains a unique anti-counterfeiting security mark that guarantees authenticity

The Gold Growling Cougar coin is minted by the Royal Canadian Mint Established in 1908, the Royal Canadian Mint has in the past couple of decades been one of the market leaders in applying new technologies in the production of gold and silver bullion coins. Not only did it create the first legal tender silver and gold bullion coins that contained a purity of four nines, they went one step further and increased the purity to .99999 (five nines) in 2007. However, the mint’s quest in perfecting high purity gold and silver coins did not stop at the one ounce weight mark. In fact, it reached new heights in 2007 by unveiling a Gold Maple Leaf coin that weighed 100 kilograms, had a gold purity of .99999, and came with a face value of one million Canadian dollars. The value of the Gold Growling Cougar coin is protected by the Royal Canadian Mint’s technology In 2014 the Royal Canadian Mint set a new standard in coin security with the introduction of its latest innovation called “Bullion DNA Anti-Counterfeiting Technology” which includes a process where a unique microscopic security mark is minted onto every coin. The centre of the security mark contains the number “15” (for the year 2015) and is only visible under strong magnification. This new technology adds another layer of protection against counterfeiting, and all Canadian Gold Growling Cougar coins minted in 2014 contain this new security feature.

Nominell verdi Dimensjoner Finhet Vekt i gram Gullvekt i gram Gullvekt i unse
200 CAD denomination 30.00 mm 999.99 31.10378 g 31.10347g 1

The Canadian Gold Growling Cougar is a limited edition coin that was first issued in 2015 by the Royal Canadian Mint. The mintage of this coin is only 2,000 pieces

Obverse The obverse portrays the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. The reason for picturing Her Majesty the Queen stems from Canada’s membership of the United Kingdom’s Commonwealth of Nations. By being a member of the Commonwealth, Canada has Queen Elizabeth II as its reigning constitutional monarch. Above the Queen’s effigy is her name “ELIZABETH II” and inscribed at the bottom of the coin is the nominal face value of 200 dollars and the year of mintage

Reverse The reverse depicts a profile portrait of coguar backed surrounded by the text “CANADA” and “FINE GOLD 1 OZ OR PUR”, where the latter part of the sentence means “1 ounce of pure gold”. Between the lines representing the coguar’s growl are the engraved security mark and the initial of the artist “PL”.

The Canadian Gold Growling Cougar coin contains 99.999% pure gold. This means that the coin is exclusively made of pure gold and is free of metallic impurities.

This beautiful coin is sealed in a tamper-proof assay card. The surface of this card is shiny and styled with golden maple leaves over a black background.

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Kanadisk Growling Cougar 999.99 1 oz - Tavex
Kanadisk Growling Cougar 999.99 1 oz - Tavex
Kanadisk Growling Cougar 999.99 1 oz - Tavex
Kanadisk Growling Cougar 999.99 1 oz - Tavex
Kanadisk Growling Cougar 999.99 1 oz - Tavex
Kanadisk Growling Cougar 999.99 1 oz - Tavex